..the secret life of daydreams..

a blog of the everyday beautiful


So this is my dear husband (Justin) and I. We love gardening and cooking together, as well as dreaming up (well at least I do) DIY projects we can accomplish together.

We have always dreamed about having a patch of land to work, and a house to decorate and make home for our growing family, and currently that’s all coming true. Our little girl joined us in 2016, and we are in a unique situation where we get the opportunity to live in community with family on acreage and are embarking on a journey to make it our own.

So that’s where I come in. I love design and beautiful spaces and am happiest bringing those things to life in the various spaces and opportunities around me, whether that’s in a table setting, or a room, or a vegetable patch. Here’s where I’ll collect my various projects and inspirations. Enjoy!



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