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So in yet another make work project for ourselves, the backyard veggie patch is getting a makeover. And by makeover I mean a complete reconstruction…

What have I done…


the plans

The goal is that while we will have to put in a lot of effort now, it will ideally be less work in the future. How? automatic irrigation (thanks to my ever patient husband), and raised beds that will keep more weeds out. Also, the grass is getting turfed. Out. Done. It’s a pain to mow and while I admit I prefer the look of a neatly clipped and trimmed grass walk, it’s just way too much work to be worth it.

Add in a new yew hedge and the relocation of basically every existing tree and shrub, and I will have my dream potager garden that has been inspired by some of the amazing gardens I’ve walked through in Europe.

We started work already last summer, but didn’t get too far before the rains of autumn hit, which were followed by an unusual cold snap through December and most of January. While we had hoped to be farther along by now, this pause is giving me a chance to catch up on here before we keep going outside. Stay tuned!



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