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So September has come and summer is slipping away; I hardly know where the idle days and long, warm nights have gone. Well, that’s not entirely true, since our summer was full of gardening, camping, and nights with friends, and plenty of evenings spent on the back deck watching the light flicker into a sultry darkness. I certainly didn’t spend much time sitting here in front of a screen (which explains the lack of posts), but I don’t regret that. I’d rather be out there enjoying the summer than sitting here writing about it. I have plenty of time to sit indoors once the rain starts again…

Still, the end of summer always has a way of sneaking up on you. Schools start up again, holidays are over, and life settles into a predictable pattern of work tempered by the knowledge that Thanksgiving feasts and Christmas celebrations are not too far down the road. But let’s not dwell on that. Summer has been glorious here on the ordinarily “wet coast” and we capped it off last weekend in the sun at Shuswap lake. My aunt and uncle recently finished building their gorgeous new cabin and invited all the family over for a bit of a reunion/family gathering. There was copious amounts of food, afternoons playing in and on the water, hot, authentically Finnish sauna and dips in the cool, refreshing water, and of course, plenty of laughs and good times. We had a big dinner on the Saturday night as our celebration meal and my aunt asked if I would decorate the table. I brought a couple other touches, like the chalkboard you’ll see later.

cabincabincabincabincabin-mastercabinchalkboardfoodchalkboardsaunasaunacarrying firewoodwakeboarding wake surfingMy cousin Natalie brought her 9 week old kitten as well. He is so adorably cute that even though I’m not normally a cat person, this little guy made me want one:)

bengal catAnd here is our big dinner, and there was a little surprise at the end for two of my aunt’s who are both approaching a big birthday soon:)

IMG_7260IMG_7261IMG_7272tablescapeIMG_7354birthday surprisebirthday cakeIMG_7367IMG_7380IMG_7382I’m already looking forward the possibility of next year! Thanks everyone for the memorable weekend:)


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