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at st. pancras, again.


Last time I was in London at St. Pancras International train station, I had this amazing bowl of porridge with bananas from a little cafe within the train station. I have been thinking about it ever since.

Well today I finally got to see if the reality of it was as good as I remembered, and it was. Justin was laughing at me because I probably mentioned that I was excited about it about a half dozen times this morning but I couldn’t help it; most likely because we woke up rather early to catch a 6am train to London from the Cotswolds and didn’t have breakfast before we left. Therefore, on top of the anticipation, my stomach was making some ominous and echoing rumbles in the hour leading up to this meal. Call me ridiculous but it really is the best porridge I have ever had, and while I don’t even particularly crave oatmeal on a regular basis, I could eat this every morning.

porridgeporridgeAnyways, enough about oatmeal. Back to finishing up our time in Stow-on-the-Wold. In some ways the Cotswolds went by in a blur, even though the pace of life is so slow. I think it was just because we spent so much time walking that the few sights we did see came and went so quickly. In some ways I regret not getting a car so that we could have gotten around to different towns a little bit more, but then we wouldn’t have had some of the experiences we did, like meeting these horses in a field that our footpath crossed.

cotswoldscotswoldscotswoldsHe was a pretty curious fellow and followed us a little ways. He also kept nuzzling my backpack. I think he smelled the peanuts I had in there. He was also very curious about the camera and tried to smell it to see what it was while Justin was taking pictures. Pretty cute.

That was pretty amazing. This was yesterday when we were on our way to Daylesford farm and shop to buy a picnic. We had planned to walk to one of the bigger towns, Moreton-in-Marsh, because we had seen a store called the Cotswold Cheese Company that looked fantastic. When our B&B host Carol heard we were planning that, she mentioned that the farm where they make the cheese was nearby. We were told that they had a farm shop that was stunning, and in her words, “posh.” It was in fact very high class, and everything was presented in beautiful displays. Our favourite was the fact that they had a whole temperature controlled room dedicated to their cheeses!  In addition to that, they had another room specifically for wines, another for home and cookware, and even a little bakery where they made their own breads. Sounds like all the ingredients you need for a delightful picnic! I was torn by the fact that they also had an outdoor kitchen with a traditional pizza oven, but we had come for a picnic so that’s what we did, and it was perfect.

And here are some pictures of the farm shop itself

After we ate we had a nap on a grassy field nearby before trekking back to our B&B. A great way to end our time in the Cotswolds. Before I go though, I need to show you a few pictures of the villages and other sights, as I haven’t done that yet.

IMG_2090chipping campdencotswoldsIMG_1603Yes, that is a horse made out of succulents. The mane is some kind of grass…

cotswoldsstow-on-the-woldcotswoldsIMG_2051IMG_1911We saw countless sheep, and because it is the spring, that meant just as many lambs! So cute.

IMG_1332And finally, for your viewing pleasure, I locked Justin into the town stocks. The gentlemen on the bench nearby suggested I could by some tomatoes to throw at him too, but I didn’t do that..

IMG_1824au revoir! We will see you on the other side of the Channel!


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