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please look after this bear, thank you


We are at Paddington station waiting for our train to Oxford and I found a little statue of Paddington Bear tucked away in a corner of the station. I grew up reading the Paddington stories and therefore have always loved the little bear from darkest Peru. If you don’t know the stories, he is a very polite little bear who is found by a family at the Paddington train station. He is sitting on his luggage with a tag around his neck saying “please look after this bear, thank you.” After being found he goes on countless adventures in London with his new family. It really is fantastic for small children. Justin says he didn’t grow up with the Paddington stories so I have now resolved that our children one day will most definitely read them.

paddington bearIMG_0939
Anyways, we are now off to Oxford where I will update on the last couple days in London. I had a hard time finding wifi in London (as our hotel didn’t have free wifi) that worked well so it’s been a bit difficult to get posts up. Hopefully after this it will be easier.

Note: my wifi failed at the train station right before I posted this so it had to wait a while. Finally posting and look for a second post to follow today on the rest of London!


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