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sleepless in london


I wrote this yesterday but didn’t get it posted because I couldn’t get a wifi going… so here we go! I’ll get a post about today up soon as well.

So, day one in London has come and gone. We were greeted with grey skies and London drizzle, which did in fact turn into heavy rain at times, as well as wind.

Good thing we had things planned indoors! We got ourselves to our hotel to drop off our stuff, and despite the tempting call of bed and sleep after an uncomfortable red eye flight, we trekked out to the Natural History Museum.

I’ve been here before but it was all new for Justin, and as the biologist and scientist of the two, he was quite “googly eyed” (self described term). The amount of fossils and skeletons and specimens the British Empire has collected and displays here is nearly unbelievable, not to mention that it is a beautiful building. Justin told me I’ve set him up to expect big things of London after this.
Natural History MuseumIMG_9871IMG_9914IMG_9912
Justin taking in a giant sequoia tree that was well over a thousand years old when it was cut down!

Justin had me take some pictures to show his co-worker Darcy. These drawings were done by naturalists in the past (before they had cameras and photographs), which is amazing because they really are so perfectly drawn. Justin said his students complain about having to do biology drawings so he wanted them to see these as a sample of the quality work that was done in order to put together the whole classification system we now know.

IMG_9893Lastly, there is a giant dinosaur skeleton in the main foyer that really is amazing, as far as I know, it is a diplosaurus and it is an imposing figure in the entrance. The Museum currently has a whole exhibit of dinosaur fossils and skeletons which really was amazing, but it was too dark to take any photos so all you get to see is this one.

IMG_9924IMG_9878IMG_9916After the Museum we headed into London to Leicester Square for some dinner, and we settled on a traditional English pub and Justin had a meat pie and a pint, while I stuck with a burger. It was a great end to our first day in London!

IMG_9933IMG_9939Thankfully tomorrow looks much more promising by way of weather, which is great because are heading to the portobello road market as well as Westminster Abbey and a few other sites that require lots of walking. Now it is time for bed. We have been awake since 6am the day of our flight and I don’t even want to count the hours! Cheers from London!


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