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an al fresco mother’s day brunch



Something about eating outside on a warm spring day just adds a whole new element of enjoyment to a relaxing weekend brunch. It really doesn’t get any better, especially when you are surrounded by family and celebrating a hard working mom who loves her kids.

That’s why it was a labor of love to make a meal, with the help of my husband and his siblings, for my talented and lovely mother-in-law. She really does spoil us every week with a massive Sunday lunch that she spends the weekend preparing, often including homemade bread and a desert made from scratch. I am fairly confident that it is a tradition that will carry on in the family because we all recognize how those weekly meals keep the family close together. We really are blessed that way and I couldn’t be more thankful to be welcomed into and included wholeheartedly into such a tight-knit family.

So, this week being Mother’s Day, it was our turn to bless her with a meal. So after some brainstorming, my sister-in-law Candice, and I, decided on a crepe station with different fruit fillings; a slow-roasted tomato, smoked cheddar, and basil frittata; smitten kitchen’s whole wheat raspberry and ricotta scones; a tomato and watermelon harvest salad, and a yogurt parfait bar. To wash it all down I created a ginger basil grapefruit champagne spritzer that really is quite lovely and works beautifully as a breakfast/brunch drink. I’ll put up the recipe in my next post. To finish everything off we had strawberry shortcake with Irish coffees.

It was a lot of hard work to put everything together but it was worth it!

place setting


tomato watermelon harvest saladberriesIMG_9874familyIMG_9911I would eat that meal again! All in all it was a great day, and then I was lucky enough to get to celebrate with my own dear mom the next day on Mother’s Day itself. What a beautiful weekend… Thanks to all the moms out there and all you do for your families. We love you!



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