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Monthly Archives: February 2013

first blooms


It’s only February but already my crocuses are out and blooming, with tulips not far behind. Sometimes I am so thankful I live in a mild climate, even if it does mean rain and grey drizzle all winter long… gardening season, here I come!




happy valentines day


be blessed and be inspired today about what love is. And by that I don’t mean Hallmark cards or bouquets of roses… Love is the little everyday things we do to reveal to those around us that we deeply care for and cherish them. Sometimes it hurts in the end, but sometimes it is more beautiful than anything else on earth, and without love our hearts would be hard and unbreakable, impenetrable. So today I celebrate that love exists in a dark world and sheds a light that allows us to be fully human. Happy valentines day!

red heart