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harvest tables


My apologies for the break in posts. I came down with some flu-like bug this past week and it’s been rather energy draining!
At any rate, here is my harvest table setting for this thanksgiving. I decided to stick with a lot of neutrals to keep it simple and uncluttered. Sometimes you just don’t want to have too many elements on a table or it starts to feel messy!I started with a pretty check runner from Pottery Barn, layered it with the place mats, and then focused on a very simplistic center piece of candles. My favorite little feature is the dried artichokes in a wooden box. These ones are from Pottery Barn but I discovered that I can in fact make my own! I have some artichokes left over from the garden this year so I plan on drying them. Keep your eyes open for a tutorial on that one!

The other thing I have to mention is this gorgeous reclaimed wood table that my dad recently built. The hubby and I recently started talking about making our own table because our current one is just a little too small. I adore all the reclaimed wood furniture out there but I’m just not willing to pay $3000 for one from Anthropologie or Pottery Barn, so we decided to keep our eyes open for some wood. Sure enough, we came across a beautiful old wooden barn being torn down. After the approaching the owners, they agreed to give us any wood we could find for a very reasonable price. My parents caught wind of this and my mom decided she would love a big harvest table! After going back for more wood, my dad created this beautiful table. Justin and I are planning to build our table something this fall, and while it won’t be nearly this big, I’m very excited about the possibility!


3 thoughts on “harvest tables

  1. Jeff Koesling

    This table is beautiful, and would love to have one like this. I love the big beefy legs and some look of it, and was wondering if you have the plans for this exact table? Thank You for your time and response….

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