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feast of fields


So this September, I experienced my first Feast of Fields. In the tradition of fall harvest festivals, this exceeds all expectations and I’m already excited about next years event (Sept. 8, 2013). Feast of Fields began in Ontario, Canada, as a way to get urbanites out to local farms. In 1994 the idea came out west and there are now three Feast of Fields events in BC: Vancouver Island, the Okanagan, and Metro Vancouver.

So what exactly is it? Well, in summary of their website, Feast of Fields is a four hour wandering harvest festival, where you, with wine glass and linen napkin in hand, can taste the very best of BC from chefs, farmers, fishers, ranchers, food artisans, vintners, and brewers. Most importantly, Feast of Fields highlights the important connections between farmer and chef, field and table, and farm folk and city folk.

This year there were 90 vendors at Feast of Fields and I had my fill of seafood, wine, appetizers, deserts, beer, cheese, and local produce. Next year I just have to remember to bring one of those plates that holds a wine glass so I’m not juggling food and glass all at once!

Here are some highlights:

This is me trying my first fresh oyster. It was shucked right in front of me, dabbed with cocktail sauce and off I went. I was worried about it being slimy (I’m a texture person), but it was fantastic, and just a little gritty with sand. Definitely fresh!

Ok. These were to die for. Frozen cheesecake cake pops. I think I had three… oops. And I paired them with one of my favorite desert wines from Elephant Island Orchard Wines; their Cassis fortified black currant wine is out of this world and I was pretty excited to see them tasting it at Feast of Fields

All in all it was a scrumptious day, despite a strange day of cool weather and drizzle amongst our weeks of warm and dry weather. ah well.. that’s what umbrellas are for. Maybe I’ll see you there next year!


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