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Monthly Archives: October 2012

harvest tables


My apologies for the break in posts. I came down with some flu-like bug this past week and it’s been rather energy draining!
At any rate, here is my harvest table setting for this thanksgiving. I decided to stick with a lot of neutrals to keep it simple and uncluttered. Sometimes you just don’t want to have too many elements on a table or it starts to feel messy!I started with a pretty check runner from Pottery Barn, layered it with the place mats, and then focused on a very simplistic center piece of candles. My favorite little feature is the dried artichokes in a wooden box. These ones are from Pottery Barn but I discovered that I can in fact make my own! I have some artichokes left over from the garden this year so I plan on drying them. Keep your eyes open for a tutorial on that one!

The other thing I have to mention is this gorgeous reclaimed wood table that my dad recently built. The hubby and I recently started talking about making our own table because our current one is just a little too small. I adore all the reclaimed wood furniture out there but I’m just not willing to pay $3000 for one from Anthropologie or Pottery Barn, so we decided to keep our eyes open for some wood. Sure enough, we came across a beautiful old wooden barn being torn down. After the approaching the owners, they agreed to give us any wood we could find for a very reasonable price. My parents caught wind of this and my mom decided she would love a big harvest table! After going back for more wood, my dad created this beautiful table. Justin and I are planning to build our table something this fall, and while it won’t be nearly this big, I’m very excited about the possibility!


feast of fields


So this September, I experienced my first Feast of Fields. In the tradition of fall harvest festivals, this exceeds all expectations and I’m already excited about next years event (Sept. 8, 2013). Feast of Fields began in Ontario, Canada, as a way to get urbanites out to local farms. In 1994 the idea came out west and there are now three Feast of Fields events in BC: Vancouver Island, the Okanagan, and Metro Vancouver.

So what exactly is it? Well, in summary of their website, Feast of Fields is a four hour wandering harvest festival, where you, with wine glass and linen napkin in hand, can taste the very best of BC from chefs, farmers, fishers, ranchers, food artisans, vintners, and brewers. Most importantly, Feast of Fields highlights the important connections between farmer and chef, field and table, and farm folk and city folk.

This year there were 90 vendors at Feast of Fields and I had my fill of seafood, wine, appetizers, deserts, beer, cheese, and local produce. Next year I just have to remember to bring one of those plates that holds a wine glass so I’m not juggling food and glass all at once!

Here are some highlights:

This is me trying my first fresh oyster. It was shucked right in front of me, dabbed with cocktail sauce and off I went. I was worried about it being slimy (I’m a texture person), but it was fantastic, and just a little gritty with sand. Definitely fresh!

Ok. These were to die for. Frozen cheesecake cake pops. I think I had three… oops. And I paired them with one of my favorite desert wines from Elephant Island Orchard Wines; their Cassis fortified black currant wine is out of this world and I was pretty excited to see them tasting it at Feast of Fields

All in all it was a scrumptious day, despite a strange day of cool weather and drizzle amongst our weeks of warm and dry weather. ah well.. that’s what umbrellas are for. Maybe I’ll see you there next year!

the art of canvas


I adore art prints on big canvases. They just make such a statement in a room and, especially when in black and white, are still so subtle. I’ve been looking for something to put above our bed recently, and while Homesense is full of great art, we’d rather have something a little more personal. So yesterday when I was looking through photos from a trip to Europe a few years ago, I came across these beauties. Both statues can be found on the Vittorio Emmanuel II Monument which is right above the old Roman Forum:

Needless to say, I was pretty excited. I love finding photos that I had forgotten about or never really considered as special. It’s a little like finding a twenty dollar bill in the pocket of a jacket you haven’t worn for two years!

Anyways, I think one of these would make a stunning print. Costco does fantastic work for not as much money as a print and frame shop (see here), so I think I might give it a try. Probably the first photo; I think it has more visual interest…

I have also been tossing around the idea of opening an etsy shop to sell some prints. What do you think? Would either of these prints interest you? Let me know and I’d be willing to dig through some of my other potential photos that have promise as art prints!
p.s. Happy almost Thanksgiving! I can nearly taste the pumpkin pie (maybe because I’ve already had one… oops). I’ll have a post coming about setting a fall harvest table soon!

tis the season…


…for pumpkin spice lattes! Fall is finally here after a long Indian summer and I think I’m ready for it. The transition of color and season that comes with fall is always a welcome change: crisp cool air, foggy mornings rolling over the fields, cozy evenings wrapped up in a wooly blanket, hot chocolate… I could keep going. Yes, the start of fall is always a favorite with me, and it never fails to get my creative mind moving a little quicker. Therefore, what better way to get going than with a blog! ..so welcome here:)

I’m a little bit foodie, part designer, with a hint of artist thrown in, a large portion photographer, and I like to think I’m fashionable, so you’ll probably see all of the above on this blog in times to come. At this point, photography is the only thing I have somewhat pursued professionally, but I’d love to dabble in interior design, so at this point I’m starting with my own place (under the watchful eye of my husband on our bank account) and my family. Look for renovation projects in the future as I help my parents update their very retro (not in a good way) basement.

That said, can I just say I’m excited for fall sweaters and jackets and boots! My big favorite right now is this fantastic peacoat from Club Monaco

Yep. I’m ready for fall!

Thanks for checking in! Feel free to let me know what your favorite thing about fall is and I’ll see you again soon!